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25th Anniversary Dinner

2011.10.26 – Rathskeller Celebrating our 25th with a good German meal (of course) at the Rathskeller restaurant in the basement of the historic Anthenaeum building in downtown Indianapolis.

2011.02.08 – NYC

2011.02.08 – NYC, originally uploaded by mark.taber. In New York for our annual get-together of all the editorial and marketing people in our group.

Expedition to Chicago

My birthday present from Christopher this year was a trip to Chicago to see the Pixies in concert performing their album Doolittle. I bought the tickets — and Christopher agreed to come along and to not act too embarrassed about the whole thing. As it turns out, we both thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Every song […]

2009.11.02 – 7:10 am EST – Sunrise

Goodbye Daylight Savings Time! Happy November!

2009.10.06 – Los Angeles – Nokia Theater/LA Live

A quick shot of the plaza in front of the Nokia Theater (where they apparently hold the Grammys and where tonight Mark Hamill joined in on the fun of the Adobe Sneak Peeks) to complement my snap in Times Square just last month, on the other side of the continent.

2009.10.04 – Los Angeles

In Los Angeles for Adobe MAX 2009, which starts tomorrow. This is pretty much the scenery around here – mammoth bank buildings, lots of concrete, and the occasional flash of color/art.

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2009!

24 December 2008: Our somewhat annual family portrait taken just before heading out to the Christmas eve service.

2008.10.24 – Lucinda Williams in Chicago

In late October Colleen and I took a trip by train from Ann Arbor to Chicago to see Lucinda Williams play at the Riviera Theater on the north side of Chicago. (It was difficult to take photos while trying to not attract the attention of the ushers — Colleen managed to sneak this one.) The […]

Waiting for Obama

Photo taken on my cellphone from the grandstands at the Indiana State Fairgrounds while waiting for Obama to speak. Pretty good seats despite getting here relatively late. Feel like an old hand by now at attending presidential political rallies. Colleen says she feels like a groupie. Again with the rock concert comparisons. Excited, happy crowd […]

2008.09.13 – Homecoming Dance

  Christopher all ready to go to the homecoming dance. He’s got his usual trappings — black shirt, sunglasses, etc. — on for an event like this, though this time with the addition of a new Jerry Garcia tie that he chose and managed to tie himself.


  A photograph of Melinda’s that was recently purchased for an undisclosed sum by an unnamed ad agency for use by an unknown consumer products company in a national ad campaign of some sort. The ad agency found it on Flickr, and apparently the client, whoever that may be, loved it and thought it was […]

2008.09.11 Haven Kimmel at Big Hat Books

Haven Kimmel signs a copy of her first book, A Girl Named Zippy (Growing Up Small in Mooreland, Indiana), for Colleen after a reading at Big Hat Books in Broad Ripple.

2008.08.20 – Back to School – Melinda – Sophomore Year

The customary first day of school on the porch portrait. Melinda almost had to remind me to take it, believe it or not.

Second Shift on a Sunday Night

Bicycled down to Steak ‘n Shake on a slow Sunday evening to say hi to Melinda and keep her company for a spell. Something different and fun. The way she looked at me you’d think she’d never seen me ride a bike to a particular destination — that is, for anything other than riding around […]

2008.06.29 – Chicago

In June 2008 the family made a rare trip together to Chicago to attend, first, Faith’s wedding in Naperville, and then, second, a performance of Wicked in downtown Chicago. The next day we had some time to explore the Art Institute and the attractions in Millennium Park.

Obama at Ball State: In Our Seats In the Gym

Obama at Ball State: Waiting in Line

Huge line of people waiting to get in to see Obama at Ball State in Muncie

Doris Lessing and Norman

It’s not every day that an amateur photographer’s picture is used to illustrate a Nobel Laureate’s work. While I can’t say that Doris Lessing is even aware that this online article exists, it’s still an honor for me that the UNESCO electronic publication, The UNESCO Courier, chose a photograph I had taken of Norman, a […]

2008.04.04 – Ball State – Student Art Show

"Cost of War" – One of two works of Melinda’s that were selected for the Annual Student Art Show at Ball State.

Hillary Speech (continued)

There’ve been only a couple brief, mild mentions of Senator Obama. Other than that, everything else was directed at squarely the Bush administration and eight years of disastrous policies and unequaled incompetence. “it took a Clinton to clean things up after the first Bush, and it’ll take a Clinton to clean up after the second […]

Hillary Speech – Colleen

The audience seems to be for the most part middle-aged or beyond. And rather, um, homogeneous — something Colleen noticed since it’s in marked contrast to the demographics of the school district. Lots of union representation, with signs and shirts and all. Good music selection while waiting, though — lots of upbeat, getting-things-done, bringing-about-change kinda […]

Waiting to see Hillary at Ben Davis HS

We don’t expect to be converted, but since it’s at the high school in Colleen’s school district and since it’s not often a presidential candidate comes to Indianapolis, Colleen, Christopher and I decided to come see Hillary speak at the Ben Davis High School gym this morning. Huge line of people outside waiting to get […]

Obama in his own words

This afternoon I took a half-hour break from work to read the entire text of Barack Obama’s amazing speech (see link below) he gave today in Philadelphia. Nothing else I’ve read or heard expresses so well, so succinctly — and so reasonably — the state of race in the US today. And how it relates […]

2007 – July through December

It looks like the second half of 2007 was rather sparsely documented. Quite a bit actually happened, so be sure to come back soon for the rest of the 2007 story.

Fourth of July Parade

Christopher made his debut performance today with the Carmel High School marching band in the city’s Fourth of July parade. The weather was hot and humid, but the band sounded really good. And Christopher said marching in the parade wasn’t as bad as he thought it’d be. They apparently do a good job of toughening […]

Sicko: See It

We saw a sneak preview of Sicko last weekend, and maybe it was the festive atmosphere of seeing it along with a full theater of similarly minded people, but I have to admit it was far more entertaining and funny than I ever thought a documentary about health care could possibly be — even a […]

Two Freshmen

As of a couple weeks ago our family has two freshmen in it — and so the long-anticipated eight consecutive years of college for one member of the family or another begins. Melinda attended Student Orientation at Ball State and got her official ID card and BSU email address and everything. The two-day orientation program […]

The Graduate

And here she is, all graduated and everything.  The ceremonies — a Baccalaureate Mass in the Cathedral gym on Saturday and then actual Graduation at Butler University on Sunday — were very nicely done and even moving at times, as I guess they’re designed to be. Melinda’s now looking for a summer job to pass […]

Melinda Graduation Announcement May 2007

Melinda’s graduation announcement. The photo is one that she took herself in a hotel room in Kentucky while on a band trip — not a typical senior portrait, I know, but one that I think shows her as she really is more than any portrait of her that I’ve seen.  I made the announcement itself […]

so it goes

(Photo by Colleen Taber) After I moved back to the States from Germany in 1986, one of the first experiences I had in my new adopted hometown of Indianapolis was attending a speech made by Kurt Vonnegut at North Central High School. At the time, I simply couldn’t believe that I was in the same […]

mmm, Nürnberger Bratwurst!

Who would have thought? Nürnberger Bratwurst (appropriate for all the SUSE people in town for Novell BrainShare I guess) with Bratkartoffeln and a German beer for supper at Siegfried’s Delicatessen in Salt Lake City. They also had one of the largest selections of German specialty foods I’ve seen outside of Germany itself. Technorati Tags: Salt […]

Cathedral Band in the Indianapolis St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Last Friday Melinda marched for the last time with the Cathedral High School “Pride of the Irish” marching band. Cathedral closes down every St. Patrick’s Day so everyone can participate in the festivities — and the band is always in the parade downtown. This year the Cathedral band even lead the parade, so I videoed […]

Disco Tunnel at Detroit Airport

[MEDIA=15]Video_032107_001.3g2 Here’s a video I took on my Treo of a cool tunnel between concourses that they have in the new Detroit airport terminal (I was on my way to Salt Lake City for a computer conference). The walls have abstract colors changing and pulsing in time with music. Really out of the ordinary for […]

2007 eXcel Awards

Two of Melinda’s photos — the one of some busy Fishers, IN firemen, above, and a closeup of a certain Marine’s eyes, below — were selected as round one winners in the 2D art category of the Indiana Project eXcel awards — a state-wide arts competition for high school students sponsored by Indiana Farm Bureau […]

Portfolio Review at Ball State

Update 22 April 2007: Melinda received an "Outstanding Freshman" scholarship from the Ball State Art Department. We’re incredibly proud of her. On Saturday, while Christopher was on a church youth retreat giving a presentation about his trip Zimbabwe, Melinda, Colleen and I went up to Muncie for the Ball State Art Department’s Portfolio Review day.  […]

Snowy Days – February 2007

After shoveling some of the 18 inches or so of snow in our driveway this morning, I just had to run into the house and get the camera so I could capture the bright, sun-lit colors of this still-frigid day. Yesterday at this time, it didn’t look nearly so peaceful and pretty. More photos here: […]

Go Colts!

The day before the Super Bowl we drove through downtown Indianapolis and for some reason blue and white colors were everywhere — even at the top of the Indiana state capitol building. Photo by Melinda Taber.

In the Houston Airport: Colts-Ravens AFC Playoff Game

This past Saturday — January 13, 2007, Melinda’s 18th birthday — I was coming back from the sales meeting in Tucson and as I walked up to the gate in Houston for my connecting flight to Indianapolis, I noticed almost everyone was focused intently at the big screen TV at one end of the waiting […]

Indiana State Museum

On Friday after New Year’s Eve we drove downtown to the White River Park with my parent to take a look at the (relatively) new Indiana State Museum. It turned out to be a pleasant and educational experience. The displays were very well presented, with some clever and elegant touches like a display showing limestone […]

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2007!

December 2005 – December 2006: A Video Slideshow:

Melinda’s College: Either Ball State or University of Evansville

Over the last couple weeks Melinda received letters of admission to both Ball State University and University of Evansville, the only two colleges she applied to. Both have solid programs in “visual communication” — kind of a combination of art, photography and graphic design — which is what she’s most interested in. Ball State is […]

Zimbabwe Photos Posted

I’ve managed to post a good selection of photos from the trip to Zimbabwe that Christopher and I went on in November. I tried to whittle the set down to no more than 100 photos, but failed pretty miserably. The best way to view the photos as a group is probably to go to my […]

In Zimbabwe

Christopher and I are in Zimbabwe now on a mission/service trip organized and led by my parents and aunt and uncle. We left a week ago and will be back on Monday, 11/20. Christopher is helping teach kids (and teachers) in the computer lab at Hartzell Primary School (part of the Old Mutare United Methodist […]

Go Tigers!

(Originally uploaded by anikarenina on Flickr.) This is so cool I just had to blog it. I don’t remember if anyone thought to carve a “D” into a pumpkin when the Tigers were playing the evil Cardinals in the World Series in ’68, but if they did I’m pretty sure no one took a photo […]

Indiana State Fair 2006

This year we finally managed to go with the kids to the State Fair. It’s something we had always wanted to do but somehow the timing of the show, coming typically right after the first week of school for both the kids and for Colleen, made it hard to get to. It was a chance […]

First Day of School 2006: Melinda

It was dark. It was raining. We were late. But I just had to record this moment for posterity: Melinda on our porch on the first day of her senior year in high school. The final photo in a long, 13-year series of first day porch photos that stretches all the way back to 1993: […]

Indy 500 Festival Parade

Last Saturday we went downtown for the 500 Parade. We squatted in some unoccupied front-row seats and managed to watch the whole parade without being asked to move. Overall, it was a good parade, with — as usual — all the drivers in the race, a few B- or C-grade TV celebrities, a lot of […]

At the Pool

At the Pool Having fun in the sun on the first pool day of the summer! (Taken on and posted from a Treo)

Prom 2006

The Cathedral Prom was this past weekend at Union Station in downtown Indianapolis. Melinda designed her own dress for the occasion, combining design elements from a couple different patterns and choosing her own colors and fabrics.

Alpha Mu Gamma at Franklin College

In April this year Colleen was inducted into the Franklin College chapter of the Alpha Mu Gamma foreign language honorary society. Christopher and I managed to get down to Franklin in time for the ceremony, and to take a short tour of the campus. It was nice to see where Colleen worked and to get […]

2006 Birthdays

Each year without fail, it seems like we always have two birthdays to celebrate early in the year. For Melinda, our January 13th baby, we went out to dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse (along with Nathan) and had steaks and ribs and threw peanut shells on the floor and all, and then went home and had […]

winterfest, “prep day”

A couple times each a year Cathedral has special weeks (Homecoming week in the Fall and Winterfest week in the early Spring where the students can wear non-uniform clothing as long as it is in line with the theme for that particular day of the festive week. Some of the kids are known for stretching […]

California 2005 – The Video

I recently got my Mac PowerBook back after an extended stay in the repair shop, and to celebrate I made a short (5 min, 7 sec) iMovie slideshow of some photos from our trip to southern California over Christmas vacation. Here’s a relatively high-quality streaming version of the movie in Flash 8 format: Or, if […]

2006 Rose Parade

Today we got up early to drive up to Pasadena and watch the Tournament of Roses Parade live and in person — despite the expected torrential rainstorms (the first time, apparently, it’s rained on a Rose Parade in 50 years). Cheryl and Ken met us at our hotel room and led us to one of […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! After a nice, small New Year’s Eve party last night at Steve and Julie’s (apparently in California just about the only thing they show on TV at midnight are re-runs of Times Square in New York from three hours earlier), today we made an excursion to the LA County Museum of Art […]

California 2005

This year over the Christmas/New Year holidays we travelled to California to visit my brother Steve and his wife Julie and family — as well as my parents (who came in from Michigan) and Colleen’s sister Cheryl and her family — in the Irvine/Orange County/Los Angeles/San Diego area. So far we’ve been having a great […]

Thanksgiving 2005

This year we went up to Ann Arbor for Thanksgiving. We had a good time with all the traditional Thanksgiving activities — the dinner, the cutthroat Hearts game, the shopping, and, of course, the long walk in the snow to work it all off. Full gallery with all the pix is at: Tags: Ann […]


wabash One of my favorites out of Melinda’s most recent batch of photos. Click on the photo to see the full-sized version on Flickr. Tags: Wabash

Camping at Turkey Run

In late October Christopher and I went camping for the weekend at Turkey Run State Park — which we learned was Indiana’s second-ever state park. They have a lot of hiking trails, sandstone caverns, virgin forests, and covered bridges. The park is situated in Parke County, Indiana, which apparently is like the covered bridge capital […]

Rites of Passage

Melinda’s Religion class this year at Cathedral is World Religions, and sometime in September as we were driving home she was telling me how they were learning about aboriginal cultures where a boy would have to perform some significant and often dangerous task or feat in order to prove himself and be fully accepted as […]

Green Day Concert

This year’s dad-and-the-kids concert was Green Day on September 12 at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. The concert was really fun, but the audience was also quite interesting to me — a more diverse a group, with a lot of kids with dads or moms, than any other rock concert I’ve been to recently. When they […]

In the Atlanta Airport

As Colleen and I were flying back home from Portland we were sitting in the Atlanta airport, waiting at the gate for our connecting flight back to Indianapolis, when Colleen whispered to me, “I think the man sitting across from us is well-known or something — people keep coming up to him and asking him […]

Portland Oregon

This year, one of the trade shows that I regularly go to — the O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) — happened to take place the same week that Melinda was scheduled to be at Band Camp practicing her flag-waving routines and that Christopher was planning to stay with his grandparents for a week (and our […]


One day we stacked some chair cushions up to clean them off — and within two seconds guess who we found taking advantage of the sudden appearance of something extra comfy — our little calico princess. Tags: cats, cushions, pets, Taffy

Stratford As We Like It

After meeting Colleen’s family in Frankenmuth, we headed out east towards Canada, for a family trip to Stratford, Ontario. While in Stratford we communed with the swans along the river, took a tour backstage at the Stratford Festival Theater, paddled kayaks and canoes on the Avon, saw a wonderful production of “As You Like It,” […]

50th in Frankenmuth

Over the Fourth of July Colleen, Melinda, Christopher and I travelled to Michigan to join the rest of Colleen’s family — her Mom and Dad, Cheryl Ann and her boys Johnny and Trevor, Eric and John, and John’s daughter Brianda — at the Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth to celebrate her parents’ 50th Anniversary. We […]

BrainShare 2005

BrainShare — Novell’s big annual user conference in Salt Lake City every March — was all open source, all Linux, all the time this year. It was fun to see big splashes of SUSE green thrown into the mix amongst all the usual red. Here’s a slideshow of some of my pix, set to the […]

I’m working on converting the web site to a blog interface — hopefully it will make it easier to update and keep fresh. Also experimenting with ways to have display feeds from related blogs etc….


I recently discovered Flickr, a web community thing for sharing photographs. I’ve only just begun to upload and organize some my pics, but this site looks like it has some potential. Take a look at what I’ve got so far…

Katharina’s Birthday

2005.01.17.katharina.birthday.cake.colleen Katharina celebrated her 18th birthday on January 17. To mark the occasion we went out to eat and then came home and enjoyed the Schwartzwalderkirschtorte (Black Forest Cake) that Colleen had made from scratch….

Snowboarding Fun

Christopher finally gets a chance to try out the snowboard he got for Christmas last year. (Photo taken by Colleen on her cellphone)…

Thanksgiving 2004

This year for Thanksgiving we just stayed home and had a nice, quiet dinner amongst ourselves. Afterwards we took a walk out back around our “lake,” taking pictures and inspecting the recent work of our very active beavers….

New Photo Album – Chicago Trip 2004

I’ve posted a new photo album here of my pictures from our two-day trip to Chicago last weekend. (Melinda’s pictures from the same trip are in the November 2004 album on her weblog.) There was a foreign language teacher’s…

Sears Tower

Hi from Katharina, Melinda, and Christopher — from the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago!…

Cathedral Open House

Last night was Cathedral’s yearly open house for prospective students. As always, the highlight of the evening was the marching band’s rousing performance — here they are marching into the gym. Melinda is a little off to the right…

Provo, Utah – November 2004

A couple colleagues and I made a trip out to Provo, Utah in early November to visit with people at Novell, get an update on their software product plans for next year, and figure out what books we need…

Halloween 2004

For Halloween this year Melinda was “Death” (a character from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comic series), and Christopher was apparently some kind of a Grim Reaper-like guy with a sword. While they were out reaping their rewards, Colleen and Taffy…

“Death” at Cathedral?

Would you allow your daughter to go to school (albeit on an official Halloween “dress up” day) at her somewhat uptight, Catholic prep school dressed like “Death”? Dressed like this?…

Colleen Back on Her Feet!

On October 4 Colleen had her long-awaited followup appointment with her orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Biehl. He proclaimed her cured and gave her permission to walk and drive. The very next day, Colleen started the school year anew, standing on…

Taber Reunion 2004

Shortly after school started, we drove up to Michigan for the annual Taber Family Reunion — a gathering of the descendants of my grandparents, Marcius Mearl Taber. That’s most of us in the picture to the right (if you’re so…

School Days 2004

As it so often does in Indiana, the new school year started once again in the middle of August — long before Labor Day, and definitely long before there’s even a hint of any frost upon any punkin. This…

Linkin Park et al in Indy

Shortly after we got back from Wisconsin, Melinda, Christopher and Mark went to a previously scheduled, previously ticket-bought concert at “Verizon Wireless Music Center” — Indianapolis’ outdoor music venue. Here we are just before we left the house (while…

New Photo Album – Wisconsin Dells

I’ve posted a new photo album here from our trip to the Wisconsin Dells in honor of my parents’ 50th Anniversary (that’s the happy couple above). We all gathered at the Kalahari Resort for a long weekend exploring all…

Colleen Speaks German with Kurt Vonnegut

One of the highlights of the summer for Colleen undoubtedly was one day running into Kurt Vonnegut (if not exactly one of Indiana’s most favorite sons then certainly one of its most famous) at the Indianapolis Art Center. Colleen…

MySQL User Conference 2004 – Orlando

I’ve posted a photo album and a slide show movie (in QuickTime format for a DSL or cable connection) from Pearson’s presence at this year’s MySQL User Conference in Orlando. We were able to show off our very first…

Halloween Photo Album

We’ve posted a new photo album with a few pictures of this year’s costumes, pumpkins and the like….

New Photo Album: School Days 2003

We’ve posted a new photo album depicting the first few days of school this year — Melinda is now in 9th grade at Cathedral, Christopher is in 5th grade at Woodbrook, and Colleen is in her 14th year teaching…

New Photo Album: Cheryl Ann and Ken Visit

We’ve posted a photo album of pictures taken when Colleen’s sister, Cheryl Ann, and her husband Ken and family visited us. They were were driving back to California from Michigan and stopped in on their way for an evening…

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