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Hillary Speech (continued)

There’ve been only a couple brief, mild mentions of Senator Obama. Other than that, everything else was directed at squarely the Bush administration and eight years of disastrous policies and unequaled incompetence. “it took a Clinton to clean things up after the first Bush, and it’ll take a Clinton to clean up after the second […]

Hillary Speech – Colleen

The audience seems to be for the most part middle-aged or beyond. And rather, um, homogeneous — something Colleen noticed since it’s in marked contrast to the demographics of the school district. Lots of union representation, with signs and shirts and all. Good music selection while waiting, though — lots of upbeat, getting-things-done, bringing-about-change kinda […]

Waiting to see Hillary at Ben Davis HS

We don’t expect to be converted, but since it’s at the high school in Colleen’s school district and since it’s not often a presidential candidate comes to Indianapolis, Colleen, Christopher and I decided to come see Hillary speak at the Ben Davis High School gym this morning. Huge line of people outside waiting to get […]

Obama in his own words

This afternoon I took a half-hour break from work to read the entire text of Barack Obama’s amazing speech (see link below) he gave today in Philadelphia. Nothing else I’ve read or heard expresses so well, so succinctly — and so reasonably — the state of race in the US today. And how it relates […]