Two Freshmen

As of a couple weeks ago our family has two freshmen in it — and so the long-anticipated eight consecutive years of college for one member of the family or another begins.

Melinda attended Student Orientation at Ball State and got her official ID card and BSU email address and everything. The two-day orientation program was actually quite a bit more useful and interesting than I had anticipated. And it had the intended effect on me the parent — giving reassurance that our baby would be cared for and safe, and that she’d be given help and guidance to help her be successful academically.

And Christopher is pretty much a full-time student at Carmel High School already. Mornings he’s getting a jump on his 9th grade year by taking two summer school math classes (and getting A’s so far – whew!). And then afternoons he’s going to five-hour marching band practices — often held at the football field in the blazing summer heat. Still can’t get him to wear shorts, however.

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