In the Houston Airport: Colts-Ravens AFC Playoff Game

This past Saturday — January 13, 2007, Melinda’s 18th birthday — I was coming back from the sales meeting in Tucson and as I walked up to the gate in Houston for my connecting flight to Indianapolis, I noticed almost everyone was focused intently at the big screen TV at one end of the waiting area.

I glanced up at the screen and saw that it was the final three minutes of the Indianapolis Colts-Baltimore Ravens AFC playoff game, with Indianapolis leading 12 to 6. So it made perfect sense that a lot of the people in the waiting area for a flight to Indianapolis would be more interested in seeing how such a close game ended up than just about anything else, including boarding a plane that was about to take off.

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But then I noticed that when the Colts managed to pick up a first down, some of the people standing around me expressed not happiness but severe disappointment. One guy even slammed his briefcase onto the floor and said something about being cursed. So I looked closer at the gate right next to ours and the flight leaving from there was going to Baltimore!

We had Baltimore people on the left side, Indy people on the right side, and the TV in the middle. And it wasn’t until the Colts definitively clinched the game by hitting a field goal with 28 seconds left, that the poor Continental Airlines people managed to get anyone on either side of the TV screen to board the planes for the impending flights.

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