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2007.01.05 2007.01.05
On Friday after New Year’s Eve we drove downtown to the White River Park with my parent to take a look at the (relatively) new Indiana State Museum.

It turned out to be a pleasant and educational experience. The displays were very well presented, with some clever and elegant touches like a display showing limestone being quarried situated in front of a large picture window that looks out on the state capitol building outside (made out of limestone).

Once we got out of the prehistoric geological displays (those first million or so years just seemed to go on forever!) the history of the state moved along at a rapid but still thorough pace.

2007.01.05 2007.01.05

I was glad to see that some of Indiana history’s more controversial and/or darker parts weren’t glossed over or omitted. It’s all here — information and artifacts on the state that was home to Eugene Debs and Kurt Vonnegut yet that also embraced the Ku Klux Klan and gave birth to the John Birch Society; a state that was named after the dense population of native Americans living here, but that celebrated the general who won the definitive battle against Tecumseh’s confederation.

It honestly made me just a little bit more proud to be a part of this fascinating paradox of a state that I’ve adopted as my home.

A few more photos are here: 200701-indiana-state-museum

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