Indiana State Fair 2006

2006.08.20.statefair 2006.08.20.statefair

This year we finally managed to go with the kids to the State Fair. It’s something we had always wanted to do but somehow the timing of the show, coming typically right after the first week of school for both the kids and for Colleen, made it hard to get to.

It was a chance for Melinda and Christopher to connect with the agricultural roots of the state (and their own as well, only a couple generations back), inspecting the tractors and all the animals, as well as to generally get an idea of what a state fair is like. Melinda particularly enjoyed an exhibit of photographs entered in the fair’s competition, and Christopher definitely liked the various foods and food-like things there to eat.

2006.08.20.statefair 2006.08.20.statefair

More photos are in the photo album:

And here’s a 5-minute compilation video of some of the sights we saw on our ride on the tractor-train around the perimeter of the fair grounds. It’s a pretty good cross-section of the typical State Fair sights, from farm equipment and horse barns to flashy food stands and midway rides to people and animals of every size, shape and stripe:

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