Taber Reunion 2004

Shortly after school started, we drove up to Michigan for the annual Taber Family Reunion — a gathering of the descendants of my grandparents, Marcius & Mearl Taber. 

That’s most of us in the picture to the right (if you’re so inclined, you can click on the thumbnail to see the full-sized image).

This year’s event was held in St. John’s, Michigan, where my Aunt Margie and Uncle Gordon live and work. St. John’s is also my official birthplace, though I don’t believe I’ve ever been back to the place in the 40-something years since that event. Until now…

After we were done eating, Melinda had fun climbing on the playground fort with Benjamin and Jeremy (and then sitting and reading a comic book/graphic novel while snacking on the traditional no-bake oatmeal cookies made from Great-Grandma Taber’s recipe):

Img 0196 Img 0192 Img 0205

Christopher spent a lot of time spinning on the merry-go-round and playing Magic with his y-chromosoned second cousins:

Img 0198 Img 0181

While throughout the festivities Colleen sat comfortably in one place on the picnic table bench, resting her leg and cheerily talking with whomever happened to stop by:

Img 0187 Img 0184-1


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