Linkin Park et al in Indy

Shortly after we got back from Wisconsin, Melinda, Christopher and Mark went to a previously scheduled, previously ticket-bought concert at “Verizon Wireless Music Center” — Indianapolis’ outdoor music venue.

Here we are just before we left the house (while Mommy waited patiently at home, all alone, clad in her Darth Vader boot and wheeling herself around silently in her iron carriage):

Img 122 Img 130

The bill consisted of Linkin Park, Korn, Snoop Dog, and an opening act we didn’t get there in time to see and have therefore already forgotten. And here are some pix from the show (taken on Mark’s crummy cellphone camera):

Picture151 06Aug04 Picture142 06Aug04

Picture144 06Aug04 Picture159 06Aug04

That last one is Linkin Park. I think. I am certain, though, that a really good time was had by all (though the kids found it somewhat tedious to have to try and plug their ears every single time some of the acts uttered a somewhat objectionable word or two). It was Christopher’s third concert at “Verizon” — the first and second being Incubus and then the Who last summer, while it was Melinda’s first concert at this particular venue.

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